Over the past year I’ve become increasingly obsessed by documentary photography, an obvious side-effect of my fondness for the X series cameras. The single image out of context has lost a lot of its appeal for me and I’m now much more interested in series, stories tied together by a common thread.

I don’t necessarily mean actual reportage or straight up photojournalism but viewpoints, be they social, political, visual or poetic. 

I do a lot of essays on this blog, posts which are often very “stream of consciousness”. They allow me to indulge in a somewhat chaotic form of storytelling that I very much enjoy and would like to expand upon.

So I’ve decided to branch out a bit and add a new sub-blog to the site called EDITIONS. It’s basically a journal exclusively dedicated to these essays and stories. Since the main page never shows more than the latest post, I’ve created a cleaner, simpler layout that I feel greatly benefits the photography. The images are bigger and less compressed throughout.

Admittedly, I also intend this to be a showcase for the type of work I would really, really like to be doing full-time. So I’ll only be updating this section on a monthly basis and I’ll probably be repackaging older content as well as adding new material. I want this to be a series-based portfolio instead of a genre sorted collection of images. I’ve also chosen to disable comments in keeping with the portfolio vocation. I have to say I struggled with this one but in the end, it’ll keep the layout clean and will help centralize the conversations to this blog, making management easier.

So, if you’re interested: I’m starting with an exclusive and very personal post entitled We hold on. Let me know what you think in the comments or via Twitter. I’d love to hear your take.

Btw, This is part of a re-organization of the site and a coming overhaul of the portfolio section. Well, most of the site really. I thought I’d be using Squarespace V6 to do this but frankly, it’s just not realistic in its present form. Way too many constraints with the new template-based editing and I’m not impressed by the speed of the new galleries on the iPad, or the entire mobile layouts system for that matter.

But that’s another story…