This is an experiment. As part of my ongoing site update/brainstorm, I’m adding yet another new section: a discussion area called The #Togs Meetup.

I often receive questions via email which I always try to answer to the best of my knowledge. But of course these are private, one on one. I thought it would be nice to have these discussions in public so others may chime in with their own take, but also to make those answers available to anyone else in the same situation.

Beyond technical stuff though, I’m hoping to tap into the amazing community I see here behind the scenes, through personal messages and comments. I know most of you reading this are serious about photography, either as a full-time job or a passionate hobby. I’ve met and keep meeting amazing photographers through this blog. So what I’m really looking forward to is a meeting of the minds, a way to share our thoughts and our work. Somewhere between a 19th century Paris café and a bunch of dharma bums ranting about philosophy in some seedy New York apartment. Or something. 

The Meetup area requires a site account (free of course) and I’m hoping this will be enough to prevent spam from destroying everything. And btw: I’ll never, EVER use your personal info for anything beyond this website. Ever. If it doesn’t take off or becomes filled with trolls and whatnot… I’ll pull the plug. 

So right now I’m looking forward to losing a little bit of control over the content and seeing what you guys will contribute. Feel free to share your work, ask questions or link to your latest artistic or technical discoveries, beyond Twitter’s 140 characters.

“I now declare…PAUSE… The #Togs Meetup… PAUSE… Open… PERIOD.” (spoken In Queen Elizabeth’s enthusiastic Olympic Games rallying voice).

See you there ;)