5 @ 3 | "I want pictures!"

So my youngest walks into the studio while I’m editing and declares: “I want pictures!”. She just turned three less than a month ago. “You want me to take pictures of you?” I say, “Yes!” she replies with a big smile. Hey… you take it while it lasts.

Not much to say really, other than: man… I’m really starting to love this camera. All shot with the X-Pro1 and 35mm lens, lit with a single Elinchrom BX500ri (B&H) in a medium Portalite softbox (B&H). The light does double duty by bouncing off the semi-gloss wall in the background, adding a tiny hint of separation.

The black and white pic shows what happens when you try syncing at 1/250s: yup, that black band at the bottom. It’s the first one I took and I’d mistakenly thought I was at 1/125s. But in this case I find it frames the image in an interesting way - something like a very hard vignette. I didn’t convert it to black and white either. I’d shot with my monochrome preset earlier in the day and hadn’t switched. Like I said: when your kid actually wants you to take pictures? You just shoot.


P.S That sad face in the first picture? Totally faking it. She’s quite the comédienne that one…