Fade to grey

Nothing earth shattering today. I had trouble sleeping last night so I decided to try out the X-Pro1’s macro mode in a studio setting. I used a single Nikon SB-900 in a medium softbox triggered in SU-4 mode by an on-camera SB-800 dialed way down (1/128). Obviously everything’s manual but barring that it works quite well. Not as efficient as having full control on the commander unit via CLS but it gets the job done.

One annoying thing: the SB-800 goes to sleep if you wait too long between shots (and it’s actually not very long). Probably something to do with the camera’s power management features vs communication with the flash itself. I imagine I could probably figure something out that’ll likely eat more batteries…

These were all shot with the Fujinon 35mm 1.4 lens, either wide open or very close to it. The lens can only focus down to 4 inches - very good for a 50mm equivalent but it does limit what you can do with it in this setup. It makes the 60mm macro all the more appealing… It never ends does it? ;)