Boy was I wrong | I can’t do LR4.

You know what your mother said about thinking before speaking? It applies to writing blog posts too.

I wonder how many more wrong turns I can take. Maybe I can beat a record of some kind. Or change my name to Captain Flip Flop.

I spent several hours editing a client session in Lightroom 4, putting into practice the workflow I described in this morning’s Aperture diatribe… And it’s the worst time I’ve ever had working on pictures in my entire life. The results are perfectly fine but absolutely NOT worth the amount of pain inflicted. Not by a long shot.

I know long-time Lightroom users will attribute this to my inexperience with the software. But lack of experience doesn’t account for this mess. Visually it’s a nightmare. The menus are a mess. It’s tedious in all sorts of ways that keep rearing their ugly head as you go along.

So forget it. I’m not moving to Lightroom for any part of my workflow. No way José. This doesn’t change my opinion about Aperture 3.3. But now more than ever I hope I’m completely wrong.

Alright… I’m a little tired of all this bitterness I’ve been spouting. So let me end with a few pictures - all edited in Aperture 3.3 ;)