Easter Friday odds and ends

A very quick post to end the week as we get ready for Easter - with all it entails of ham, chocolate and flowers.

Last Friday my photographer pal Morten Byskov sent me an email. He was giving an update to our ongoing shop talk thread and mentioned he had decided to pass on the X-Pro1. The following Monday morning I woke up to this:
The X-Pro1 - First Impressions by… Morten Byskov.

Ha! I exclaimed, almost choking on my peanut butter toast. And for those of you with an ingrained European distance scale: yes, we do live in the same country but no, I can’t drive over to check it out ;)
Really nice first set of pictures, out and about in Vernon, BC. He later sent me two impromptu portraits taken with the 35mm lens… Beautiful job and I’m still not disappointed by what I see. Check out his blog when you get a chance.

Another photog buddy, this time from across the pond: Derek Clark posted a review of both the 18mm and 35mm lenses, complete with some of the creepiest cat pictures I’ve yet to encounter. You just have to see it… He also has a video review - or should I say visual exposé - of the Lowepro Event Messenger 150 camera bag.

David duChemin is on a printing buzz these days and he wrote a great post this week entitled Create. Share. Repeat in which he talks about the importance of printing and sharing in the creative process. A very nice read that makes a strong case for focusing our work and using all the opportunities available to give it as much visibility as possible.

That’s it. Told you it would be quick. Happy Easter everyone, make good use of this long weekend. Catch you next week.