Regeneration p2 | and a revisit of raw vs jpeg.

A few more pics from last Friday’s street shoot. I wanted to mention something: after making a point of shooting raw+fine in my One Year with the X100 post I ended up shooting all of these JPEG only. I went back to my old settings of Aperture Priority, Auto ISO, Auto Dynamic Range but chose Astia instead of Provia. And you know what? I’d forgotten how amazingly this camera works at these settings. Some of my enthusiasm is probably due to this being my first street shoot since the aperture blades were fixed  - something I now realize had been a problem for longer than I initially thought. 

When I decided to shoot JPEG only with the X100 some time last year, I made a point of equating this to shooting a film camera - in the sense that I needed to nail exposure et all and not rely on the possibilities of error correction afforded by raw files. I think I may have come full circle on this. I’ll be damned if I can find a single file that would’ve benefited from shooting raw in this series. Some of these would’ve turned out differently… Very differently. But better? i don’t think so.

It’s amazing how easily we fall back into patterns. The fact is that adding raw to the X100 mix makes me second-guess myself. It forces me to check the raw file “just to see”. And then it forces a decision: which one is better? 99% of the time it comes down to esthetics. I usually don’t mess up while shooting so it just becomes two variations on a same theme, both equally worthy.

So… mea-culpa. While I stand by my assessment of raw files as added security, as digital negative with all the future-proofing these provide, I do believe I’m going back to JPEG with this camera. It’s faster, more responsive and I was using the JPEG files 9 times out of 10 anyway. 

To hell with insecurities.

P.S You win Derek ;)