Muted | Wouter Brandsma, Jux & Other Stories

This is a hodge podge post of the sort I usually reserve for Fridays. But what the heck. Let’s pretend we’re already there — I know you want to ;)

First off: Wouter Brandsma.

Last week Jorge Ledesma posted the first of his Togs Series interview with this Netherlands photographer. It’s a very nice interview but man… the images. There’s a lot of talk about vision in photography, about finding your own vocabulary and means of expression. For me, this has nothing to do with the technical aspects of a picture. It’s something you simply feel, something that resonates and speaks on its own. Wouter has vision. Visit his blog, lose yourself. Now.


I was contacted recently by a very-nice-girl-named-Maxx (don’t mind the dashes… it’s an inside joke). Maxx works with a new social/blog/platform called Jux. The idea behind Jux is actually quite appealing: it looks reaaaallly nice. It’s intensely focused on visuals, with pictures front and center and a very streamlined interface. Everything is big and bold but extremely clean. I very much like their approach. Feels like a magazine.

I’ve started playing around with it. I’m sort of figuring out a way to use it with a project I’ve decided to call NONSTOP, based on pictures and short blockquotes that could eventually be tied together in a semi-coherent whole. Or not. I don’t know. Very much a work in progress… But I like the experimental playground this offers.

Jux is free. Check it out right here.

Aperture 4… Not.

On the gear front: there’s a new Aperture! Ok, it’s a point update (3.2.3) that’s mainly about bug fixes and the ability to delete photos from Photo Stream. It’s not Aperture 4 or X… or whatever. We’re starting to see the beginnings of various rumours surrounding a new version but as we all know, the Apple gods work in secret and mysterious ways. Some noticed that Randy Ubillos is now head of the photo division as well (and was involved in the new iOS version of iPhoto). How will this affect Aperture? Time will tell. It would take a lot to make me jump ship to LR4 though.


It’s wednesday already and I haven’t talked about the X-Pro1. Shame on me. Yesterday I found something pretty darn interesting: pictures taken with the new unreleased M-mount SLR Magic Hyperprime 50mm 0.95 lens. The one aiming at Leica’s Noctilux for a fraction of the price that Steve huff has been raving about. But mounted on a Fuji X-Pro1. Yes folks: it’s real.

The pictures look amazing (even though they were mistakenly shot in Velvia mode). Focusing was done manually through the EVF and the photographer apparently found it quite usable. He used the new Kipon adapter which retails for $79 and seems to do the job just fine. They’ve also released Nikon F and Contax G adapters as well.

And to further mess with my growing addiction of all things X… My friend Robert Catto sent me a few original pics shot with the camera at his local dealer (New Zealand). A trip with these in Aperture had me looking for my credit card. Not yet. Breathe. Relax.


I find myself revisiting my surroundings over and over. Same subjects, different season, different weather and light. This morning all was muted, dressed in fog.

In his last GPP/X-Pro1 post Zack Arias said his X100 was still his baby.

Still mine too.