Les Années Waverly | Pat Hamilton at Quai des Brumes in Montreal.

An evening with old friends last night at Quai des Brumes in Montreal: Pat Hamilton’s launch of Les Années Waverly, his new album… Well, unless you factor in that the songs themselves were recorded 10 years ago — let’s call it an intense gestation period ;)

Great musicians on stage: Bernard Falaise on bass, Claude Fradette on guitar, Rémi Leclerc on drums and Rachel Therrien playing trumpet on a beautiful song entitled Jupiter.

I wasn’t there to take pictures but obviously I had my X100 with me. Shot the pics below at ISO 4000, just to see…

By the way, my X100 seems to have developped the sticky blades syndrome. Yay.
I’ve had a few questions about it via Twitter so I’ll be posting on the topic later in the week.

On with the show…

P.S I’d love to link to the album but I don’t think it’s available anywhere yet. I’ll keep you posted.