details on the X-Pro1

So now we know: Fuji’s X-Pro1 price is $1699 (CDN), body only. The lenses? $599 respectively for both the 35mm f1.8 and the 18mm f2.0. The 60mm f2.4 will set you back $649. Quick math brings the total tally up to $3550 for the entire system.

We’ve also started seeing a few sample pics, some from Fujifilm itself and a few elsewhere. Right now I have to say I’m not falling over myself. It’s all… Ok.

But the biggest issue for me are the various reports concerning the (dreaded) focusing system. I’ve already mentioned it’s by wire, same as the X100. Fuji claims the new processor makes AF much faster but some who’ve tried it at CES aren’t so convinced. For a $1700 body and the market this is being targeted at… I hope the truth falls somewhere in the middle - with a strong tilt towards improved speed. Much improved speed.

My friend Derek has pre-ordered his and will be taking it through its paces, with reports on his blog when he gets his hands on it. Looking forward to his input on this. I only wish there wasn’t an entire bloody ocean separating us ;)

As for myself, I’m increasingly leaning towards finally jumping to full-frame instead of this. Could be the upcoming D800 but frankly, it could even be a discounted D700. I’m very seriously trying to be sensible about my next purchase and forego my tendency for sheer gear lust. Ain’t that a change.

A great full-frame body and a few more great prime lenses could be just the ticket for what I’m hoping to do. It would also leverage what I already own, allowing me to concentrate on what I know instead of opening a pandora’s box of new issues to deal with.

Thing is, I just might be getting boring on you.