Snapseed Redux: Nik brings it's iOS editor to the Mac.

Just bought Nik Software’s new Snapseed for Mac from the Mac App Store. Seeing has how I’d enjoyed the iOS version I couldn’t pass it up. It’s cool and everything you’d expect but:

- It can’t be used as an external editor for Aperture. It opens the exported file but doesn’t save it back.
- It accepts raw or TIFF files but can only save the edited results to JPEG. Why?

Also, when I tried using the print dialog and the PDF to Aperture feature, I couldn’t get the picture to output without a border…
I’m hoping these are just 1.0 shortcomings that will be adressed the same way Iconfactory’s Flare did. As simple as it is, the app could prove very useful as another tool in our arsenal.

Here are two three quick stylized examples using pics from last night’s X100 studio tests (same settings as the previous post).