Specular | a studio update

The new studio's floor still needs a few more days to fully cure… But I was restless to try it out. Here are two self-portraits shot on my grey Specular Highlight Wall ™ — basically a fancy way of saying semi-gloss :) Still, it works as expected so… yay. I have a lot of ideas floating around for this background and I think it's going to be quite versatile in a narrowly stylized sort of way...

I also did a few white seamless tests to make sure my polystyrene cyclo idea works before actually committing to it. Looks good. I should be able to add the trims and complete the cyclo in the next few days. Bookings are starting again in a few weeks so I need to get crackin'.

Both pics were shot with a single SB-900 (B&H) in a small Photoflex LiteDome (B&H) softbox high and center.
And btw: I AM anxious to get some new subjects in there (!)