Totally M.I.S.C | as in miscellaneous?

My great skills in home renovation are making the studio project a joy… Mmmkay, not so much. It’s mainly eating my time these days and taking its toll on the blog and everything else. But the end IS in sight — good god I do hope that’s the end I see shining through that hole way over there (!).


Still, I just thought I’d jot down a few items before I start priming the cyclo:


  • Fujifilm has added new photographers to the X100 in Action section of the X100 website. Part of the new roster is Magnum photographer Ian Berry, who uses the camera to revisit his famous 1972 Whitechapel series for Professional Photographer magazine. Now that’s impressive.

  • The DPhoto has a feature on the beautiful photography of Hengki Koentjoro. Breathtaking work.

  • Jonathan JK Morris has a new photography book entitled Who We Are. Check it out.

  • 35mmStreet is a new street photography blog from UK photographer Derek Clark. Great stuff.


As for me, I’m leaving you with a few equally miscellaneous X100 shots.