Bullies | Scott Kelby loses it on the X100.


I sat down last night to watch Scott Kelby’s latest episode of The Grid and had the great privilege of watching bullies.
Teased on the RSS feed as “Catch the Fuji X100 Blues”, Kelby and Rafael Concepcion basically trash the camera. They don’t review it, just trash it. Because you see, the X100 apparently cannot focus consistently. Ever. And anyone who says it does is in-denial-and-is-a-big-fat-doodoo-with-ugly-pants-ha-ha-ha-oh-yeah-buuurnnnn! 

Seriously. This is the most unprofessional thing I’ve seen in a heck of awhile. Not just the content but the tone and Kelby’s antics: “Right now you can put this on eBay and get a pretty decent amount of money back… Six months from now? $200? $175? Hahahaha!” “If you can wait 30 to 60 days, you’ll be able to buy these on eBay at a VERY reasonable price - HUNDREDS of them, always in stock!

But hey, if you bought it because it just looks cool Kelby says “THAT makes sense!
Gee, thanks Scott.

This goes on for 36 minutes. The guffaws, self-congratulatory high fives and inside jokes interspersed with Kelby reading from Twitter users calling the X100 “a turd”, or saying “it’s the camera that stops you from getting your pictures stolen from Google” a comment he simply can’t help but applaud. Yeah, applaud. Hahahaha!
When Concepcion tries to bring back a semblance of balance and mentions he can see where the camera can have its uses, Kelby cuts in: “But what are they? Do you like shallow depth of field where everything is out of focus? Hahahaha!

Now, everyone’s entitled to an opinion. I just think the way you present it is pretty darn important. Not only do they not review the camera in any meaningful way, they actually mock it. And then they mock the users with a stupid Five Stages of X100 number, a crappy song where Kelby again manages to slip in eBay and a boatload of condescension. But it’s all tongue in cheek right? All in good fun – Hahahaha!

No, it’s not. It’s douchy.

When a user posts that he’s not having focusing problems they shrug him off. No applause for him apparently. When they talk about the fact that Zack Arias loves the camera and is taking amazing pictures with it, they chalk it up to his talent as a photographer. They’re right, he’s amazing. But here’s the thing: I’m not sure he’d have any patience for something that couldn’t focus properly. And neither would I.

Saying X100 users who love their camera are in denial because of the money they spent, trying to rationalize their purchase… Hey man, I wouldn’t use it if it wasn’t doing the job. I wouldn’t use it if I couldn’t get sharp pictures. I’d shut up and move on.

Their rationale for this whole bit is that they’re compensating for all the praise the camera has been getting. It’s a reality check see? But while I agree this isn’t a camera for everyone and it has its share of quirks, where’s the reality check when you basically describe it as nothing but a subpar point and shoot, never even mentioning that it uses an APS-C sensor? Or that it can shoot highly usable pictures at ISO 3200? Can your point and shoot do that Scott? Can that Walgreen’s disposable you compare it to do that as well?

Ahh… but it doesn’t matter: the X100 doesn’t focus. It really doesn’t. Case closed.
And their big finale and awesome revelation? We understand you made a mistake, just admit it, it’s ok, sell it on eBay.

Of course the comments are then filled with people who’ve never used it congratulating themselves on saving money, things like “you gotta be insane to pay $1200 for a point and shoot!!!”. Oh! Well played, jolly good… sigh.

It’s basically like a high school cafeteria mob. All hail the class clowns.

I know I’m probably going to come off as some sort of humourless fanboy. But I’m really not though. I just expect a little modesty, some accuracy and a modicum of class.

And I’ve never liked bullies.