Elinchrom introduces new Zoom flash heads

I missed this a few weeks ago. Got an email from the company this morning. Interesting concept and build:  comes in three flavours (Action, Pro and Pro HD), all focusable  with built-in glass dome (transparent or frosted). Here's the official  info:

Elinchrom Zoom Pro Flash Head with Clear Glass Dome

The Elinchrom Zoom Pro head is designed for universal-use photography and is equipped with a new standard 3000 ws omega plug-in flash tube.

It features a microprocessor-controlled, low-noise fan cooling system, a new transparent glass dome, a new user-replaceable plug-in flash tube and a zoom function for the modelling lamp and flash tube, to obtain individual results when used with reflectors or a wide and even light distribution for Rotalux softboxes. The zoom function is accessible from both sides of the head housing. The new housing is rock solid and lightweight with a large rubberized handle.

Key Features

  • Small UV coated flash tube diameters for short flash durations and better subject control.

  • New user-replaceable plug-in flash tube.

  • Now with included transparent, security glass dome. Satin /matte glass domes are available as options.

  • Efficient built-in reflector, with a 90° light distribution to maximize softbox performance, in addition there is a zoom function for flash tube and modelling lamp for a individual wider or more focussed light beam when used with reflectors.

  • Reflector-bayonet with breech locking ring, fits all Elinchrom reflectors since 1974. Huge EL-Reflector and Rotalux softbox range.

  • Centred umbrella fitting with additional umbrella holder at the tilt head.

  • Efficient low-noise fan cooling. The fan spins slowly at low temperatures and fast when the head heats up.

  • Illuminated on/off modelling lamp switch, with overheat LED indication, which shuts off the modelling lamp until the head cooled down.

  • Aluminium chassis with fire resistant housing.

  • Extremely lightweight, only 2.3 kg, including the 5 m heavy-duty flash cable.

  • Can be used with either 110 V or 230 V Elinchrom power packs. Note that the Halogen modelling lamp must conform to the correct voltage.

What's Included:

  • Zoom Pro Flash Head

  • 5 m Flash Cable

  • Glass Dome - transparent

  • Plug-In Flash Tube

  • Halogen Lamp

  • Umbrella Support

  • Reflector Locking Bayonet

More on Elinchrom's website: ELINCHROM - Zoom Action.