Exposé Recent Documents in OS X Lion

I'm slooowly getting used to Mission Control as opposed to Exposé in Lion. I have to admit I'm seriously missing my All Applications hot corner and have a hard time accepting the fact that I'll need to purchase a Magic Trackpad to get somewhat similar functionality back in Mission Control (via a three fingers swipe down gesture?) — since when does UI depend on specific hardware? If anyone knows of an equivalent keyboard shortcut please raise your hand.

But while I've read quite a bit about Lion I had not seen anything about the following feature, which I think is pretty cool: when you're inside an application and invoke the old Application Windows Exposé command, you not only get all the app's currently open windows but also all its recent documents.
Maybe this is a known feature but it was news to me. Here's what I mean:

A single Pixelmator document with nothing else opened

The Application Windows view shows recent documents in a bottom row

I found this out totally by accident when my mouse inadvertently hit the screen corner assigned to that command. In fact it took me a few seconds to understand what was happening...
Nice touch even if it does break the logic a little.

About Lion: there are A LOT of changes and definitely some bugs hanging around. Aperture 3 runs fine but I've seen quirky behaviour when using the new Full Screen mode — specifically when going in and out of it or switching between other apps. I'm sure we'll be seeing a 10.7.1 update in the not too distant future and perhaps an Aperture 3.1.4. But while I'm more disoriented by this release than anything since the first version of OS X, the Mac OS feels more polished now than it ever has in the past.

So Lion for me? Slight case of vertigo but happy overall* ;)

*Except for my musical persona: Lion has put to rest both Logic 8 and my faithful Tascam audio interface. Neither works anymore. Time to upgrade I guess — but in light of the recent trend, I'm going to wait for an App Store version of Logic before making that jump.