Rise | a river wild.

I live next to the Richelieu river in a small town called Otterburn Park. For the past week the waters have been rising, flooding houses and creating what is now considered a disaster zone in many bordering towns. The army has been called in to help.

This morning it finally stopped raining and I decided to go down to the river. I didn’t drive to the flooded area out of respect for the people affected who’ve been angered by sightseers strolling about while they struggle to keep their houses and belongings afloat. This is no vacation. I just drove to a small rest area a couple of minutes from our house.

There was an older man there having a smoke, looking at the water. We started talking. “J’lai jamais vue aussi haute!” he said — never seen it this high. And I just knew he’d been watching that river forever.

We’re so damn small.