Updating your X100 firmware? Forget Fujifilm's instructions.

UPDATE: Since writing this post Fujifilm have changed their instructions page to reflect this easier method. But don’t foget that an update will still wipe out all your current settings!

Finally got around to updating my X100’s firmware to 1.01 last night. I’ve done a lot of firmware updates in my days on cameras, computers… you name it — but the instructions on Fujifilm’s upgrade page left me completely slack-jawed: seriously?

They say you need to download two files, one of which is nothing but an installer application whose sole purpose is to copy the .dat upgrade file to the SD card. Huh?

For this they ask you to Remove all the USB devices connected to the PC except for the mouse (!!!), get the USB cable, plug-in the camera, quit the bundled RAW processor that might launch automatically, launch the installer, locate the .dat file and wait for the process to finish. They talk about creating folders or not creating folders in the most confusing way I’ve ever seen. And this: Before copying the update file, the software provided on the CD-ROM bundled with the camera must be installed on the PC.

Not true.

Turns out you can do it this way:

- Drag the .dat file to a freshly camera-formatted SD card.

- Insert the card in the camera and power it on while holding the Back button.

- Follow the on-screen instructions — basically clicking OK a couple of times.

- Done.

Just like a Nikon firmware update.

Why they feel the need to confuse users with all this is beyond me.

Btw if you haven’t yet done the update be aware that the process wipes all the camera settings — I mean ALL, even date and time. You’re basically back to opening day. Not a huge deal since there aren’t that many settings to begin with, but still something to prepare for.  And maybe I missed it but I didn’t see anything warning me this would happen. Sigh.

Much thanks to Google and Windkoh for confirming there was a saner method out there.