easter weekend

Spent the Easter holiday at my in-laws with the family and decided to make it an X100 only event — the SLR stayed at home. I took a lot of pictures and tried a lot of stuff, both indoors and outdoors. Here’s a couple of things I’ve found:

1. It’s not made to shoot action: not a big surprise. Three kids on an egg hunt pretty much killed the  X100’s focusing system. Kids will do that to you…

2. I’m not crazy about the in-camera black and white: it’s ok but I find it a little lifeless, even after tweaking the highlight and shadows settings (whose usefulness I’m still trying to assess) . Why use internal BW? Well, I’ve always preferred doing my own BW conversions from RAW files, but my recent use of the monochrome mode on my D300 (shooting RAW+JPEG) has given me pause. I often get surprising results that require a minimal amount of post. But so far, this hasn’t been the case with the X100. No biggie though — I can get plenty out of the colour files.

3. It flares: I mean like crazy. The $99 hood would obviously help but I’m still debating that one. To be honest I tend to like flare and often go looking for it so I’m inclined to place this in the “creative use” column. But it’s something to be aware of.

4. Macro mode is very cool: yes, f2 is a little soft. But even f2.8 becomes a lot better and the DOF in this mode is like... a sliver.

I have a small shoot in Montreal on Thursday and I’m hoping it’ll leave me some time to do a bit of street, which ironically I haven’t had time to do since coming back from Boston. One last thing: the title banner for this article is another shot from Easter weekend using Motion Panorama — another interesting feature I'll be experimenting with.