I made this | Chase Jarvis and the kick in the pants

Yesterday I read a post by Chase Jarvis entitled The Hit List: 13 Things Crucial For Your Success [In Any Field]. It’s all basic common sense laced with his usual high octane do-it-now sorta rhythm. It’s also pretty damn spot on and well worth checking out.

I’ve been haunted by a few “art” projects these past years that have just been sitting on the back burner. Once in awhile I’d sit down and try to hack some sort of synthesis out of it all but it always ended up confusing me more than anything else. You noticed I put the word “art” in quotation marks. That’s because it’s so incredibly loaded. What’s art anyway? Which definition and whose parameters? How does one dare qualify their work as art?

It can be anything. Because it’s defined by others. Always. You can genuinely be the greatest artist to ever roam this earth but without peer recognition… you’re nothing man. Just another tormented soul hacking away at some personal vision. The great capital V.

If I never ever see another long exposure duotoned picture of a pier floating in blurry waters I sincerely won’t care one bit. And yet those pictures keep popping up as Fine Art and making boatloads of money. I don’t get it. To me it all feels photocopied from a once brilliant original. But there you go: peer recognition and subjectivity. It just takes enough people, enough of the right people, to call something brilliant before it’s magically transformed into brilliance. Insert your own 4.3 million dollars example here.

But this is all par for the course. How could it be any other way for something that at its core is but one individual’s proposal? I made this. Do you like it?

All market cynicism aside, there really is nothing there that can truly be quantified. So all you can do is take the plunge. Propose away. Create the work, explain your vision and present it to the world the best way you know how. Make your fate.

So what does this have to do with Chase’s post? Well, this morning I decided to do it. To use that front burner and stop procrastinating. Artists ship. And you know what? I achieved that synthesis. It flowed. Now, I just need to shoot my own brief and make it happen the way I see it.

Sometimes you need a good kick in the pants.
Have a great weekend.