Fujifilm releases 1.1 firmware update

A REMINDER: Upgrading the firmware resets your X100 to factory settings! Don't forget to write them down beforehand. Don't know why they do that when Nikon upgrades can preserve everything...

From the update page:

The firmware update Ver.1.11 incorporates the following issues.1.Performance of auto focus at near distance has been improved.2.When "SHADW TONE" is set to "MEDIUM SOFT" or "SOFT", live view in LCD may display with abnormal pattern (so-called "solarisation") just after pressing the shutter halfway. This update improves the phenomena.3.When self-timer mode is selected, focus and exposure (AE/AF) are set just after pressing the shutter button and these settings are remained for the final shutter releasing. 

Alas, no Auto ISO control from the FN button…
Here's a direct link to the file.
And some instructions in case this is your first upgrade.