Aperture 3.2: some new features

What a week! I don't remember ever downloading and installing so many updates at a time. Now that things are settling down a bit (not getting an iPhone 4S, sigh) I'm getting a chance to actually use all this shiny new stuff™.

Besides some bug squashing and the integration of Photo Stream, the newly released Aperture 3.2 also adds two subtle but notable changes. The first is a new post-import dialog window:

Nothing earth shattering but I was taken aback when I first saw it. That eject checkbox is unchecked by default. It also enables Aperture to delete pictures from an iPhone or iPad after import. Btw, that D40? Long gone. But I just found an SD card from 2008 with a few forgotten pics of my daughter's 2nd birthday — how cool is that?

The second change is with the crop and straighten tools: when using both adjustments, you now work within the confines of the resulting crop. It might be easier to show you:

It makes more sense than the old method once you're used to it.

A word about Photo Stream: it's interesting. It also worked very well in my initial tests with another Mac, Apple TV and iPad. There are possibilities here. Check out MacCreate for some noteworthy ideas.

And for those who own an Apple TV, try out the new Photo Wall slideshow: it's very cool :)