From MacCreate - Aperture to iPad

Good tutorial on using the book feature in Aperture 3 to create an iPad-ready PDF for use in iBooks. I've been doing this from day one  but didn't know it was possible for iTunes to auto-import the resulting file. Nice addition to the workflow.

I have to say though, I'm not very impressed with iBook's display of PDFs. It's just toooooo slow. It's not something you notice when reading through a manual but it's definitely annoying when showing off a portfolio - there's a visible delay before the image on the page renders completely. Strangely enough, it's something GoodReader (the swiss-army knife of iPad file management) has no trouble with at all. It can also download files from a web server so you don't have to sync the iPad to get the PDFs in the app: I usually just export the book to the desktop and drag it to my iDisk. I can then download it into GoodReader anytime I want.

I've been trying out several portfolio options on my iPad and I'm still not crazy about any of them. I'll be doing a roundup pretty soon.