Aperture bug follow-up: solved! Update

UPDATE: according to several Aperture forum users, this seems to be fixing a lot of issues such as constant thumbnail rebuilding, reprocessing of images and adjustments resetting. I also have to say that I didn't have a single crash today while doing extensive editing with brushes. It's a first so hopefully this is more than just coincidence…

Just to let you guys know I've solved the RAW Fine Tuning bug I was having.

After hearing about several users who didn't have this problem on their machine, I decided to create a new OS X user and run Aperture from there: lo and behold, the problem was gone!

So it had to be something in my specific user folder. I took everything out of User/Library/Application Support/Aperture and started adding files back one by one. The culprit? A plist file called Raw Decode Presets.plist. What's odd is that this plist contains specific information on every camera I've used since Aperture 1.5 but does not contain my RAW presets. It's also not part of the new user's folder so it's either something that's no longer used in AP3 or it's created when importing with a camera for the first time.

Anyway, trashing this has solved the problem with zero ill effects; I even still have all my presets.

I think this version of Aperture might have a few issues with legacy files. It would certainly explain a lot of the seemingly random problems we've been seeing.