New bug with 10.6.3 and Aperture 3.0.2 UPDATED

I know I've been pretty silent about Aperture 3 since it came out, especially considering how much I had been waiting for this upgrade. Fact is, I was waiting to see what a few updates would do to smooth the landscape, one that has been riddled with crashes and various bugs since day one. Unlike others I didn't suffer serious library upgrade problems or slowness, although I did have to immediately turn off both Faces and Places. My problems were mainly instability and crashes, with Aperture 3 being the only application on my system causing it to freeze completely. We're talking hard reboot here. Not good.

But after two pretty swift updates, things were starting to settle. I still had crashes here and there but they were becoming less and less frequent. I was slowly beginning to see light at the end of the Aperture 3 tunnel/mess.

Until yesterday.
Now, I just don't know what to say anymore.

The latest chapter in the saga? With the 10.6.3 update Raw Fine Tuning no longer saves my changes between restarts. Sometimes. On some pictures. We're talking same camera, same memory card, same lens (!!!!). Here's a video of the  bug in action:

This is pretty huge. Especially when combined with another post-update incident where certain files from yesterday morning's import session lost ALL adjustments I had made - brushes, crop, curves, everything. And they hadn't just reverted back to their RAW state: the contrast slider had been set at -0.1, making the pictures completely washed out.

I have no words. I'm now scared and having serious trust issues with Aperture. And don't get me started on print presets… I'm just too tired to get into that right now.

Anyone else seeing this bug? Or am I one of the lucky random few?

UPDATE: Another video trying to make sense of it all: