my camera phone and iPad

This will come as a shock to anyone under 25 but here goes: I just got my first cellphone. No kidding. And I'm not the last holdout - I have a friend who tours the planet constantly and refuses to get one (although that's probably about to change as well). I know it's a bit of an oddity for a gadget geek but… I just don't like cellphones.

I'm not going to bore you with the details of the experience; suffice it to say I have a new Blackberry Pearl 9100 which is just as crappy as I thought it would be (more even) and if Apple ever makes an iPhone that's compatible with my provider I'll be switching in a heartbeat. That Steve Jobs rant everyone's talking about? well, he's right. I can't believe how clueless RIM designers and engineers are.

But the one thing I'm happy about is that I can now hit the camera phone photography playground. There's something about using a limited piece of gear that forces a different part of your brain to get in on the action, something I often do by forcing myself to use one specific prime lens for instance. The added bonus with a phone is it's inherent defects. And using those defects is what makes the experience interesting.

To emphasize the limitations, I've decided to go completely lo-fi: I send the pictures to my iPad and use CameraBag to edit them. This app allows you to apply a - very - limited set of filters and crops/borders that emulate various film looks (without the grain though). I've settled on the old-style instant film layout - kinda fits the genre to my eye. if I had an iPhone I'd be all over Hipstamatic… sigh. I might give Swankolab a try once they get an iPad version out the door.

I must admit, this has my creative juices flowing.
Still hate the phone though.