drive-by shooting (reprint from JPG Magazine)

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It wasn't premeditated. I didn't wake up one morning and decide to drive around with a camera in my hand. I was just stuck in traffic one day, heading for a shoot with my camera bag right next to me on the passenger seat. While waiting at a red light I took out my camera out of pure boredom - intending to snap a pic of the garbage truck in front of me - when traffic began moving again. Instead of doing the right (and safe) thing, I started firing away left and right.

When I got home I was surprised at some of the shots I had taken: there was an immediacy and a randomness to the process that had yielded quite unexpected results. For one, the mere act of driving meant I hadn't seen everything in the frame while shooting. There's the fact that the vehicle itself was... well... moving, with all the technical angles it implies regarding shutter speed and motion blur. And the point of view was new: how often do you get to shoot in the middle of a busy street? I was hooked.

There are several "intellectual" layers to this too: voyeurism, confinement, the hit and run nature of disappearing as soon as a picture is taken. And there's the frame of the windshield and windows often giving a fishbowl aspect to the scenes. That's a disconnection that I find appealing in a strange, twisted way. This is point and shoot taken to extremes.

I've done it a few times now and I think I have a series bubbling in the back of my mind. Not sure what form it'll take.

I just need to watch out for tickets…

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