Hope - televised.

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A year ago today I was sitting in front of my television, watching history being made. A lot has changed since then and looking back,  it's hard not to feel a tinge of sadness. Change is hard apparently.

To commemorate this day, I'm reposting through my plasma screen | a moment in history. It now all seems so very far away…

Backstory (from last year):

Mise en abime.
I wanted to be in Washington. Badly. But an expired passport and the need to oversee the end of a contract kept me at home. So I decided to use my tv as a window, a privileged vantage point. I used the 70-300mm lens I would've used if I'd been on location. I set ground rules for myself - no PVR, everything had to be shot live as if I was there. I used the HD feed from ABC News and got to work, reframing as I would on the street, using the tv screen as my outside world and grabbing portions of it with my lens. I made it a point to stay zoomed in to the picture, moving around as much as possible, essentially shooting inside the tv in hopes to bypass the cameraman's original frame. The only exception to these rules is the first picture in the set: a self-portrait taken before the ceremonies began.

This is obviousky an odd point of view. It's a camera within a camera. An eye within an eye. And while it is a poor substitute to actually being there, it's given me the strange sense of somehow being a part of history.