FAKEZINES - Fake magazines. Real pictures

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I love Redux Pictures. I love the photographers and I love the blog where they display the magazine articles and covers where their work appears. And since I'm not yet a part of that exclusive group (!) I decided to fake it.

Enter FAKEZINES -  Fake magazines. Real pictures.

The idea here is simply to put my photography in some sort of context. I'm always visualizing a story when I take photographs, real or imagined. I've also always found that photography tends to live in relation to something else. Even on it's own there's always a subtext, whatever the subject. I think our brain, which is wired for associations, jumps into overdrive in front of a picture. This is my way of pushing an interpretation.

It's all tongue in cheek of course but who knows… maybe it'll give a creative director out there a few ideas ;-)

Check it out here.

P.S Notice the self-promotion cover? I'm doing a Hitchcock...