the junkyard

[singlepic id=27 w=480 h=360 mode=web20 float=left]We're on vacation for another week, but I thought I'd share a couple of pics...

My father-in-law is a retired engineer and all around DIY guy. When we visited last week he told me he wanted to show me something that I might enjoy shooting: we ended up in a junkyard!

He loves this stuff and usually just goes there to browse. He's totally in his element, happy as a clam picking at bits and pieces, trying to find hidden treasure - or just something to help repair the washing machine ;-)

Long story short: I'm glad he took me. I could've spent hours shooting there and will be keeping the location in my mental scrapbook.

I used a Nikon 10.5 mm fisheye to accentuate the surreal quality of the surroundings and try to give the piles of junk a sort of sculptural quality, accentuating curves and bending the edges to create movement. I had an SB-900 on camera and used it without modifier (hard is beautiful right?) in every shot, varying the zoom for various effects. The great thing about the fisheye lens is of course how close you need to be to your subject if you want a close-up, which means that even in bright sunlight your flash has power to burn. This is apparent in the portrait shots of my father-in-law, distortion be damned...

That last picture was taken on the way back in his rebuilt 67 Mercedes Benz - did I say DIY?

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