aperture 3 coming?

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Ok, first off: I know nothing. This is pure speculation. But yesterday Apple  - finally - unveiled major updates to its pro apps with new versions of Final Cut Studio and Logic Studio, each including new versions of every app in the suite (well, aside from the long forgotten DVD Studio Pro which lingers at version 4  - and probably will until it's finally killed off).

This surprised me as I was thinking these wouldn't come until Snow Leopard was released. And a Thursday in the middle of July? mmm...k. Now, I'm thrilled about the new Logic Pro since it's long been my weapon of choice in my other life. But where art thou Aperture 3?

What has me pumped is a software update called ProKit Update. This is something that always comes with new pro app versions but here's the thing: it mentions being a required update for Aperture.
Does this mean a new version soon?  Or is it just boilerplate text that simply mentions every pro application?

I'm very much looking forward to a new Aperture and hoping for another leapfrog match with Lighroom. As far as I'm concerned, Apple needs to nail this one. Seriously. But that's for another post...