We are all storytellers. It's how we communicate, connect and ultimately, how we transfer knowledge. And yet many of us forget this very basic concept when it comes to photography. For the past several years I've been fascinated by the idea of sequencing, of creating a narrative that stretches across more than a single frame. This has become somewhat of an obsession that has, in turn, affected the way I approach every aspect of my work. 


The SHADOW WORKSHOPS focus on exploring the art of photography through visual storytelling and narrative. Our goal will be to learn how to let go of the hero image mindset, embrace instinct and recognize the elements that can serve to eventually frame an essay — all through discussions, reviews, exercises and lots of shooting time.

The cinematic universe is driven by story and mood, by the rhythm of an edit,  the flow and impact of images in a sequence. All these elements can also be an integral part of our photographic language.


Anyone interested in moving beyond the purely technical aspects of photography and examining the concepts of the photographic essay. It's easy to get lost in the mechanics of our craft, in the details, the variables and the gear; we're all geeks at heart — it's part of the experience. But creatively this can quickly become sterile and lead to a dead end. Ultimately, photography should be about expression, about finding our own voice once we've cracked the code. Once we've mastered how, it's time to turn towards why?

This isn't a basic 101 course: you'll need to be comfortable with your camera and already have a good grasp of all the fundamentals — the relationships between aperture, shutter speed and ISO, a good understanding of how your equipment works. You should also be familiar with editing workflows and have an interest in film-like processing treatments.


I know. So do I ;)
We will be looking at technical stuff and of course I'll be happy to answer questions and help out on any issues you may have during our time together. The idea isn't to turn photography into some sort of literary salon... Just to become aware of more than the nuts and bolts.


No, this isn't a prerequisite—the workshops are for all photographers regardless of equipment. But as an official Fujifilm X-Photographer I can provide another layer to our time together if you shoot with an X-Series camera, help you make the most of the system and its possibilities—both in the field and during processing.