spaces in a temporary state of emptiness

"The DNA of our company..."

Such a vacuous hipster expression. A buzzword like zen or storytelling, brandied about to promote the illusion of depth. An empty slogan meant only to project substance where none exists. That’s our jaded 21st century view anyway… and it can certainly be the absolute truth of the matter. But when values do appear within a company, when people come together to share in a common goal and experience, when bonds are formed and benevolent ghosts begin to linger and serve as a collective memory....then DNA does indeed become real and we're no longer facing subterfuge. If all goes well, the organism evolves over time....single helix, double helix. It survives and it thrives.

This is a story of family, rebirth and loyalty—the kind of loyalty that keeps people around for ten, twenty-five, thirty...forty-four years. Can you imagine that? Forty-four years and not wanting to leave? Not because you need to, but simply because you belong. Because you're home.

Today is gray and rainy, March in its chaotic glory. For the moment all of it exists in a temporary state of emptiness, but soon will come the familiar voices, the hustle and bustle of a midweek morning in the heart of Toronto.

Soon, it all begins.