Shot with the X-PRO2 and X100T

The Death of Heroes & the Rising Sun


I'm sitting on an airplane bound to Toronto where it's apparently snowing like crazy. Oh Canada. I've switched to an earlier flight and we're on the tarmac, crowded and waiting for the go ahead; delayed another hour apparently. Tick, tick , tick...

The past few weeks have been insane, all leading up to today, tomorrow, the next seven days. Details and schedules and then more details to iron out for this trip, the collective, the magazine...so much of it culminating in the days ahead. Good things.

But life is bipolar.

For every action a reaction, joy and sadness intermingling constantly, pushing us to one edge then the other. Stupid pendulum. I woke up yesterday and like everyone else, heard David Bowie had died. I hushed the kids at the breakfast table, trying to wrap my head around the news. I have his latest album on my iPhone, three days old; was saving it for the flight to Japan.

Then later I learn our mom won't be returning to the home where she moved barely six months ago. She's in the hospital now, hurt her arm. Too much work for them apparently and they can't cope with the situation. Back to square one, again, but with added weight. I look at her and can't help feeling we're running towards darkness, the lights of our personal universes extinguished one by one until nothing's left but a vast and silent void. All beacons vanishing from view and leaving us stranded, floating on an endless ocean. Our heroes no more.

I'm sorry. This all sounds terribly depressing. Perhaps it's the purring engines affecting my mood. I'm off to Tokyo damnit. This is a bucket list moment. Rejoyce already.



So...there's a lot coming up. I invite you to watch this blog and the KAGE website in the coming days. My friend Bert Stephani and I are taking over the FujifilmXLive Instagram feed from Japan for a couple of days and we're completely stoked about it.

Let's put heroes out of our minds for now. Let's look ahead.


The Force Awakens

Many, many eons ago I sat in a movie theatre much like this one, with my sister, my dad, my mom. We were there to see this new movie...something called Star Wars. I remember the buzz at the time, the anticipation. My dad had a subscription to Time magazine and they'd published an article about the film's production, with stills showing beat up hovering cars streaming across a desert, colourful robots and strangely robed characters. I can still to this day picture the layout of that magazine article in my mind. And I can see all of us, huddled in the dark, waiting to be amazed.

All of us...healthy, alive and full of promise.

I'm the dad today.
The dad buying the tickets, holding the popcorn, sitting with a family of his own and waiting for Star Wars to begin, again. And when the movie is over and we get back to the car, frozen by a late but glacial winter, I look at everyone around me, all wide-eyed and perfect and burning in this dying sun.

Everyone I know and love, in one immaculate fugitive moment.
Happy New Year guys.

Shot with the X100T

The shortest day

I don’t have a frame of reference for this. Holidays without snow? Sure. For years now that's been a gamble. This however, is something else entirely: on Christmas Eve they're forecasting 15ºC to 17ºC. That's a historical record we'll be crushing by almost 10 degrees right there. But what's even more unprecedented is the absolute steadiness of these temperatures, a two-month long November now almost extending to the new year without a speck of snow or ice on the ground; without even touching sub-zero.

Until a few years ago it would've driven me mad: Christmas needed snow. But now...the kids are just as excited, cookies will be baked again and smiles, restlessness and frenzy will be here nonetheless. The white stuff, the greenery...

None of that truly matters.

P.S Speaking of the shortest day: over at KAGE we released our first collaborative effort yesterday, a free eBook entitled Under a Vagrant Sun. Did I mention it's free? Here's the link.

Shot with the X100T

Tuesday. Ten days left.

Shot with the X100T