​The Icy Depths

I’m not shooting enough these days. Personal stuff I mean. The calendar says March 1st— but it’s been a long winter that has yet to relinquish its hold. There’s ice everywhere: thick and blue and hard as hell. That’s what happens when the weather goes from snow to rain to -20ºC in less than 24 hours. Repeatedly. It’s been the winter of broken bones.

A friend of mine—who lives in a much warmer climate—asked me how I approached street photography during these months; I replied I just...didn’t. It’s not very courageous but there you go. I just figure I’ve given enough to this season at this point in my life? Bring on warmth and colour.

Still, there’s the itch. Not enough to make me drive into Montreal and find parking and fight off the orange cones and try to remain upright...but enough for guilt to set in. So this morning I put everything aside and gave myself a challenge: express winter. Just go with it. I had grids of abstract images in mind (influenced by an old EXPO 67 book I’ll probably talk about in another post) so I grabbed the GFX 50S and the 120mm f/4 and shot both outdoors and indoors (indoors images were lit with the Godox AD200).

The guilt isn’t gone...but at least I have a few frames to show.

Have a great weekend everyone :)

P.S Some are much more courageous than I am: Eric Delorme explored Pointe-Claire in a post entitled The Village. In freezing weather. He rebooted his blog after a workshop we did together last Fall and it’s well worth visiting if you have a chance.

Shot with the GFX 50S and GF 120mm F/4 Macro OIS R WR



Circling the habitat, as my mind desperately attempts to find focus.

It’s a crazy month: sleep is an ongoing problem, tons to do, brain feels like mush and a big week-long shoot coming up. On top of that I’ve gone through a serious overhaul of my entire lighting system—I’ll try and write about this in a few weeks when I get a bit of time back.

These are small photographic breaks to keep me sane: using Acros pushed in-camera, with the grain engine added as well. Yup...I’m in a gritty kinda mood. 

Have a great weekend everyone :)

Shot with the X-Pro2 and XF 35mm f/1.4 R

Devourer of Worlds II


Shot with the GFX 50R

Skytrain II - Departure

Shot with the X-T3 and XF 35mm f/2 R WR

Lost in a wider cityscape


Shot with the X-T3 and XF 14mm f/2.8 R