Driving into Brighton, assaulted by the wind.


So this is England. The gloves are off, the masquerade over: we get out of the car and it’s like stepping into the onset of a hurricane. Violent.

 But I’m with Kevin, Neale and Facundo...and we’re kids at a village fair. Out come the cameras and the mics. Yeah, this is just glorious.

Shot with the X100F

X-Weddings | Morning Frames


Big day ahead. The room is packed, Kevin’s pacing, Marianne’s making last-minute edits in the empty lounge—she’s up next. She’ll nail it, of course. I’m scheduled for the afternoon...plenty of time for jitters to set in. 

Shot with the X100F

I roam Brighton & the sun shines bright


Shot with the X100F


Hold me tight, callin’ from the fun house
Hold me tight, callin’ from the fun house
— Iggy Pop

I wake up with nothing to do but walk, shoot and explore the city. My hotel is a stone’s throw from the waterfront and I’ve already glimpsed the circus—Brighton’s rare crossbreed of old fairs, 90s raves and tourist traps. But it’s early and still quiet.

On a whim I purchase a ticket for the i360.
It’s barely 10AM and already hot, so I stick my jacket in my camera bag and wait for the boarding call.

I’ll get to be a drone for twenty minutes. 

Shot with the X100F

Some frames in Montreal

Shot with the X100F