UK in June


I’ve never been to Bath. Hell...I’ve never been to England, period. So when my friend Kevin Mullins asked if I’d be interested in being a guest speaker for his X-Weddings Conference 2018...let’s just say I didn’t hesitate much. My only apprehension stemmed from not being a wedding shooter—surrounded by world-renowned wedding shooters. But he quickly assured me it wouldn’t be a problem, that the goal was to go beyond a strictly wedding-oriented event. We are all visual storytellers and documentarians, regardless of subject matter. The conference will feature seven speakers: Facundo Santana (Argentina), Marianne Chua (England), Neale James (England), York Place Studios (England). Of course Kevin Mullins and yours truly to round it all up. Honestly, the work from these fellow photographers is humbling to say the least.

So here we go: off to Bath on June 12th and 13th 2018. I’ll be giving a talk entitled The United States of Photography on day one, and then manning a full-day workshop on day two. I’m taking a maximum of 6 participants for the workshop so space for this one is limited—I prefer keeping it small and personal. Facundo is also giving a workshop on the same day (12 max participants for his).

I’m extremely excited about this event and about finally setting foot on UK soil. We do share a Queen after all (yes, The Crown has indeed had an impact on our household). If you’re interested I have a promo code for you: plr2018 will give you a 5% discount on tickets for Keynote Day.

Jolly good times ahead I’m sure.
Cheerio ;)

Montreal Workshops | P1

I came back last night from a quick couple of days in Lakeville (Ontario), shooting an exciting project I’ll have the pleasure to share in the not-too-distant future. I’ll just say this for the time being: 1) the GFX 50S equipped with the EVF Tilt Adapter* is a revelation; 2) syncing flash at 1/4000 sec with this medium-format camera is a f#$@g dream come true. Seriously.

Tonight we kick off a week of actual, honest to goodness summer vacation with an evening of giant puppets under a starry sky (Théatre de la Dame de Cœur). Then we become wildlings again...

Before we do, here’s part one** of those Montreal workshops as promised. A few images I shot along the way. These are all processed from JPEG files, using Acros R with pushed settings (Shadows +3, Highlights +2)—the Moriyama look, transforming the X-Pro2’s viewfinder into a living, breathing underground movie. You have to be careful with this one: it’s easy to believe every frame is an art house masterpiece. But man is it ever inspiring.

Catch you all in a week or so :)

P.S If you’re looking for more stuff to browse, check out our august issue at KAGE.


* B&H link just for info, no affiliate kickback.
 ** Part two is here.

Shot with the X-Pro2 and XF 35mm f/1.4 R

Montreal Workshops | P2

I want to apologize for my rather slow response time when it comes to comments and/or email replies. Truth is it’s a very busy summer, with unforeseen projects piling up on top of others. I’m looking at the calendar and realizing this is shaping up to be the summer-that-never-was. August may change that, with a week planned with the family in the wilderness, away from it all. But that’s two weeks away and looking at what needs to happen until may as well be in 2018.

I only booked two workshops this year—well, for the summer months anyway. These are from yesterday’s outing with Helmut and his wonderful wife Gerhild, navigating our city under siege, buried under concrete and bright orange road signs. We’re living in a chaos that defies description, believe me. Still, if you look around, there’s peace to be found within a few milliseconds.

Btw: this is P2 because it was workshop #2. Workshop #1 happened last week...all shot in Acros and coming up next. Linearity? Bah! Humbug...;)

Shot with the X-Pro2 and XF 35mm f2 R WR

The Temporary Collective | Brussels 2016


I haven’t talked about it much but I’m leaving for Belgium and Germany on September 17th. I’ll be driving down to Photokina for the first few days of the event, then back to my buddy Bert Stephani’s place until the 28th. No speaking engagements this year but I'm shooting an essay for the December issue of Photo Life magazine and I'm very much looking forward to catching up with a whole lot of comrades.

While I'm in Europe, Bert and I will also be hosting the first official KAGE workshop: The Temporary Collective—a full-day event focusing on visual storytelling, to be held in Brussels on September 26th. We'll be discussing subject, methodology, engagement and storyboarding, with each participant expected to produce an essay that will appear in an upcoming issue of KAGE. We're keeping the group small (6 seats max) to provide a more hands-on and personalized experience. Limited X-series gear will be available to test as well.

It's on a Monday. I know...scheduling issues forced us to choose that date. But if you're interested and available we're running an early bird special until September 9th and we'd love to see you. All you need is a camera, some sort of image editing device for the processing/editing portion of the workshop and a good pair of shoes. More info here.

Btw: Fujifilm has now released its full Photokina schedule and it's jam-packed with great speakers. I'll be checking a bunch of these out while I'm there so if you're around be sure to come and say hello.

Catching-up, truth, Montreal...

I haven’t been around a lot lately have I? It happens. And besides I hate to post just for the sake of posting. I know my European Diary schedule has gone off track… I did have the best of intentions but life tends to get in the way and priorities need to be adjusted. Next stop is Rome… Probably next week.

There’s actually a lot of very exciting stuff happening right now but nothing I can share just yet — hence the radio silence. One thing I did want to share in case you guys missed it: a new essay on the Kage Collective Chronicle blog entitled On Visual Truth. It’s basically personal thoughts on documentary photography and the perception of truth. A lot of ideas I’d been meaning to share for awhile without ever getting around to it. Nothing earth shattering but I think it explains some of the reasoning behind our ongoing Kage project.

 On Visual Truth...

On Visual Truth...

Halloween has come and gone, the leaves are on the ground and I’ve got my snow tires on — man, it all sorta rhymes doesn’t it? I’m flying to New York city tomorrow for what i suspect will be a very productive and interesting day. I’m seriously looking forward to it. That and the evening of course... ;)

I leave you with a few Montreal images taken during a recent Shadow Workshop. More action on the blog soon...


P.S Huge congrats to my buddy Derek Clark who is now (finally) an official Fujifilm X-Photographer!

Shot with the X-T1 and XF 35mm f/1.4R