Devourer of Worlds II


Shot with the GFX 50R



Shot with the X-T3 and XF 35mm f/2 R WR



In a field...


Shot with the GFX 50R

Friday stuff: new Capture One, new GFX...

That’s our son modeling for me. Yes, the kiddo is getting older. 

It’s an exciting week, with the launch of two products I had the opportunity to test beforehand: the GFX 50R—which is now finally available in stores— and a brand new, shiny version of Capture One Pro with their release of version 12.

I’ll be sharing about Capture One more and more on the blog...because it’s my main workhorse now, but also because using it no longer implies any sort of dark arts maneuvers (i.e GFX support). But for the time being, I’ve written a first look that’s available on the Fujifilm-X website if you’re interested.


As to the GFX 50R: I previously published a few posts, back when it was announced in September. But because I was in Germany at the time and these had all been scheduled before the camera’s official launch date, I didn’t yet have a link to the promo video we had shot for the camera. And being who I am...I simply forgot to write about it. I’m actually quite proud of the results so I figured I’d remedy the situation today—given the camera’s real launch.

Shooting the promo was part of the overall GFX 50R project—along with capturing images that would potentially be used as promotional material by Fujifilm Japan. If you’ve seen the brochure you may have noticed a double spread in there with my name on it. Kinda stoked about that one. But the most thrilling part was the creative license we were given: we weren’t told what to do or how to do it. We knew the concept of the campaign was to revolve around the word precious...and we simply did our own take on this.

I worked very closely with Fujifilm Canada’s Francis Bellefeuille: he shot the images but also edited and graded the movie. Talented fella. I wrote the words and music, did the sound design and mixing. I shot a few stills here and there as well ;)

We filmed over two days—including splashing around in that not-so-warm swimming pool for way too long. Then it all pretty much came together over a weekend while the family was away: I was sending music mixes and images, Francis was sending back edits...we tweaked and prodded until we were both satisfied. The magic of the Internet.

Then I had a beer. Ok, ok...I had TWO.
Sheesh. Video below.
Have a great weekend.

After the Whirlwind


It’s hard to explain the intensity of Photokina week. There’s the stress of performing, which becomes less of an issue after the first set but still lingers nonetheless. There’s the thrill and emotional ride of seeing friends again, people you rarely meet IRL. And then there’s always a few photographers you’d never met before, whose work touches you and who suddenly become a part of your life. Bonds forged in a screaming whirlwind. 

To my old and new friends—photographers, models, managers, engineers, designers—thank you. To our Fujifilm family that makes all of this possible, thank you.

I’m home now and it’s all good.
Héloïse—our youngest—was waiting for me on the porch in her pyjamas when I stepped out of the car. She jumped into my arms as I was making my way to the door. And suddenly we were all there, in our house—together. And suddenly the clamour had subsided

and the ground had settled once again beneath my feet. 

Shot with a pre-production GFX 50R