Tidbits and Countdowns and Interviews...

So I’m trying to tie all remaining loose ends before flying off to Europe next week—the countdown has begun baby. Client obligations to finalize and a lot of new content that will appear on the blog next week. If all goes according to plan that is.

It’s been such a strange rollercoaster of a summer…emotionally as much as professionally. Things I can’t really talk about that have somehow given me an entirely new outlook on life. On the mechanics of it. That day in, day out construction of moments we can’t escape no matter how far we retreat. I know I’m being cryptic…suffice it to say I’ve changed in ways I didn’t think possible anymore. Acceptance being the operative word here.

Alright…enough of that mysterious chatter.

I’m incredibly excited about Photokina this year. Mostly I’m looking forward to seeing a bunch of friends, or meeting photographers I’ve been in touch with for awhile without any actual physical contact—this Internet thing has a tendency to forge links that can remain virtual for a long, long time. Case in point: KAGE. In almost 4 years now, I’ve only ever met Bert and Kevin face to face, when we spoke at Photokina 2014. This time five of us will be in the same room, our largest gathering so far—with Charlene and Flemming arriving in Cologne on the 21st to headline the official Fuji Photo Walk on the 24th. Unfortunately I’ll be gone by then, but I’m sure we’ll make the most of the little time we have together. Germany has this beverage called beer, right? Huh…we’ll need to try that. I’m also looking forward to The Temporary Collective in Brussels on September 26th. It’s now sold out and Bert Stephani and I will be working with a great bunch of photographers.

Some personal projects mixed in there as well, of course. I’m intrigued by the Rimbaud/Belgium connection…I’ve planned on re-reading une saison en enfer on the plane. It’s all very vague but there’s a brainstorming sessions going on in the back of my brain. We’ll see what happens on the ground.

September issue of Photo Life...

I leave you with some random images and a last couple of tidbits: the September issue of Photo Life is out and includes my latest article entitled The Narrative. And if you’re into listening to a podcast this weekend, I had a great chat with Valérie Jardin for an episode of Street Tips on This Week in Photography. It’s always a challenge to “itemize” something that’s usually more instinctive than rational or deliberate. But it was a fun exercise and I apparently managed to find tips she’d never heard before on her show. So yay :)

Have a great weekend guys.