Back to the Root of All Evil...

I’ve settled on a certain type of toning for both my black and white and colour images and I compare this to a choice of film stock. Everything else is basically dodging and burning, adjusting contrast and exposure either locally or globally. In the context of a story, these decisions also help provide visual cohesion.

We sometimes forget ourselves. In our quest for betterment, our never-ending thirst for new horizons, our fuite en avant, we can easily lose sight of who we are. We create problems where none exist; we suddenly omit what's essential.

The quote above is a selfie — It's from my interview in Rear Curtain magazine; I know, how very self-involved of me... But I'm referring back to it now because over the past months I've made life harder for myself, I've diversified, I've toyed, I've questioned and succumbed to the processing demon like some sort of crackhead. Where I had found peace I introduced turmoil...  

I mentioned in yesterday's Replichrome review that I had realized over the past week that I wasn't into "purely realistic film emulation". I also hinted at having perhaps gone too far over the summer: the truth is my mind has been busy playing with looks more than it should've been. I'm ok with the images, I'm not renouncing anything... But the inner chatter has been deafening and I need to clear my head.

It's hard to differentiate between creative experimentation and unnecessary over tweaking. It's even harder when the options are all there in front of you, ripe for the taking, effortless.  I came to the world of Fuji on a quest for simplification and I need to remind myself of its importance, of a single truth that isn't muddled by shiny new things all the time.

Last night after dinner I picked up the camera, set it to JPEG, Pro Neg Hi, aperture priority... I walked around the house while the kids were playing downstairs and the sun was setting. I sent the images to Lightroom and used my old workflow, the one I've spent so much time refining. This is the root. It's where I should live.

No distractions.


Shot with the X-Pro1 and Fujinon XF 35mm F1.4 R