A New Essay and Fellow X Photographer


Two quick things this morning: my KAGE COLLECTIVE comrade Paul Pride is now also an official Fujifilm X Photographer! I remember Paul before the X100. To say this camera changed everything would be the understatement of the year. Very, very well deserved. To celebrate he's giving away a 12x16 print of his work — your choice. Check out his website for more details. And again: mucho congratulations :)

Speaking of Kage: I have a new essay on the website entitled A Hard Controlled Freedom, something I shot back in March with the X100S. You may recognize some of the images from the interview I gave to VSCO a while ago. The number of images I brought back from that shoot made the story a very tough one to edit — so I hope I did it justice. I may post a few other stories from the unpublished material eventually. The machinery and installations alone could make an interesting piece.

Below are two images that wouldn't fit anywhere but that I wanted to share with you, if only for their strangeness factor. When we left the barn Linda saw something large in the snow, laying perfectly still. It was an owl... Beautiful, but also quite dead. Not a mark, not a wound anywhere on its body. As if it had simply dropped from the sky.

It's times like these you're glad you don't believe in omens (!)